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Tulsa Roofing; Are Your Gutters Ready For The Winter?

Gutters & Roofing in Tulsa

Your gutters play a vital role in protecting your home from water damage. Clogged or broken gutters can cause cracks in the foundation, interior flooding, and can even damage a roof. Every homeowner in Oklahoma should make sure that their gutters are ready for the coming winter, and the best way to do that is to schedule a roof and gutter inspection with a local Tulsa roofing contractor.

When water is pouring off of a roof onto the ground below, it can cause cracks in the foundation. You should invest in a high-quality seamless gutter system to protect your home if you havent already. Seamless gutters are not only useful, but they look good too.

McPride Roofing offers the best quality seamless gutters in the industry!!!

Living in Northeastern Oklahoma, we get about 42 inches of rain per year which is well above the national average of 32 inches. One inch of rain for every thousand square feet of a roof will make over 600 gallons of water that must be moved away from a structure safely by way of the gutter system. That is a lot of water! If there is a blockage, things can get ugly really fast.

Heavy rain backed by powerful winds can take a serious toll on the exterior of your home. Not to mention the hail storms we get in Oklahoma. Your gutters can get all beat up from the weather, and if they do, our service for gutter and roof repair in Tulsa will be there for you to repair them. Even though we don't get a lot of snow, we still get some, and you should also take it into consideration.


If you need new gutters or just want them inspected for peace of mind, get in touch with a local Tulsa roofer and schedule a free inspection and estimate.

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November 12, 2020
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