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Bathroom Updates That Provide Great ROI

It is well acknowledged that updating your bathroom with a remodeling and roofing contractor in Tulsa is one of the most solid ways to raise the value of your home. The common return on a bathroom restoration averages nearly 70%. Furthermore, a full renovation is not necessarily needed to recoup the benefits. Bathrooms are one of the foremost talking points for potential home buyers these days. A gloomy, antiquated bathroom, notably the master bath, can push possible buyers elsewhere. On the flip side, a functional, stylish, renovated bathroom can be an enormous selling point.

Whether you are arranging to list your home on the market or making updates for you and your household, remodeling your bathroom with a roofer in Tulsa roofing and remodeling pro a is a sensible investment. Check out three of the most profitable bathroom updates to raise the market value of your home.

Update the Backsplash or Flooring

Redefining the backsplash can be as easy or complicated as your budget and desire want it to be, and it can redesign the feel of the entire room to supply you the new look your after. For the broadest attraction, choose a traditional and versatile tile that can suit several design themes. But, if you are looking to add some WOW to the room, pick strong colors, uniquely shaped tile patters that incorporate mosaics, natural stone, and other various elements.

Go With Slab Countertops

Slab countertops are very popular and trendy right now for many reasons. Their durability is unparalleled and provides your vanity a continuous appearance that gives your bathroom an elegant look and feel.

Porcelain and other materials offer the attraction of natural stone but are much easier to maintain and cost less. If money is no object and you want only the best, nothing can truly rival the elegance of authentic natural stone countertops. They maintain a new look while handling daily abuse like a winner.

General Design

Adding alterations for accessibility and convenience with a roofer in Tulsa can be the most powerful selling point for some potential buyers. The entire concept of universal design is not only for people with disabilities that need handicap accessibility but includes modifications that everyone can enjoy.

A curb-less shower also referred to as a zero-entry shower, does not have a threshold and can be a huge advantage for someone that has restricted mobility such as elderly folks, and even children. An open area beneath the countertop is not only wheelchair accessible but also serves as an excellent vanity.


Renovations to your bathroom will always be a reliable investment. Acquire the best ROI with the appropriate tile choice. Allow our experts for remodeling and roofing in Tulsa to take you through your bathroom tile choices today!

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January 9, 2020
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