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Maintenance Advice with a Roofer in Tulsa

Maintenance Advice with a Roofer in Tulsa

Your roof is an essential part of defending your family from the harsh elements. Now is the moment to consider some maintenance advice that will encourage you to maintain your home and roof in good condition during these winter months.And always remember, the best and safest way to keep your roof protected year round is to schedule routine inspections with a Tulsa Roofing Contractor.

Eliminate Roof Debris Prior to any Hailstorms

Its crucial to remember that the limbs above your home will drop leaves and twigs onto your roof and intoyour gutters. Considerable amounts of leaves and other organic and non-organic debris will accumulate in overhangs, valleys and eventually clog your gutters.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Clean and clear gutters and downspouts will help remove the water from your roof as melting occurs. If water accumulates in your guttering system, it can be a severe problem if the temperatures get below freezing throughout the night. "Clogged gutters will promote ice dam formation in your downspouts and gutters, which keeps consistent moisture around your roof and home which is not good", says a Tulsa Roofer. Pooled water can damage your homes roof, siding, insulation, and foundation.

Hire a Tree Trimmer

Eliminate the dead branches around your home. It is especially important to do this to the trees with limbs near your roof. Severe rainstorms and hail can snap branches and damage the different components of your home.

Inspect Your Roof

Avoid getting up on your roof throughout the winter months unless it is dry. Ice and snow can cause your roof to be slippery and unstable. Alternatively, walk around the perimeter of your home and look for visible sagging, damaged and/or missing shingles. Call a professional for Roof Repair in Tulsa if you notice any of these things happening.


There are numerous measures you can take to keep your roof safe and protected this winter. Being proactive is always agreat place to start. But, in most situations, hiring a trusted professional for roofing in Tulsa with the proper tools, experience, and safety equipment is the safest and most reliable way to secure a healthy roof for you and your family.

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January 27, 2019
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