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Why Fall Is The Best Time For Roof Repair In Tulsa and Broken Arrow

The last thing any homeowner wants or needs to deal with is roof damage during the winter. You are probably thinking, it is only the first day of fall so why would I worry about that right now? As a top-rated roofing contractor in Tulsa and Broken Arrow since 2000, we are here to tell you why fall is the time to have your roof repaired or replaced before winter arrives. While we see most of our snow in Oklahoma from December through February, it can also fall as early as October and as late as May.

According to, "The Tulsa, OK area has had 57 reports of on-the-ground hail by trained spotters and has been under severe weather warnings 117 times during the past 12 months. Doppler radar has detected hail at or near Tulsa, OK on 128 occasions, including 14 occasions during the past year." What does this mean to you as a homeowner? It means you should have your roof inspected for storm damage if you haven't done so already this year. Hail damage may not look like much or even be noticed at all, but it can greatly decrease the life of a roof and should not be dismissed.

Snow Alert!!! Snow Alert!!!

We never know what kind of winter mother-nature is going to bring us so it is better to always be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. A weak roof can only hold so much weight from the snow and moisture before it could fail and collapse. Dense ice and snow accumulation can crack shingles and cause heat loss and water to enter your home. The freeze and thaw process makes roof damage worse and is a large cause for leaks during the winter

Fall is Ideal for Roofing Projects

We are Broken Arrow and Tulsa roofing experts!!! Our claims specialist will help you with the insurance process and get you the most out of your deductible if your roof has been damaged by a storm!!!

The fall temperatures are not only a welcomed break from the summer heat for you, but also for your local roofer and the installment of the roofing materials. The fair climate allows time for the new shingles to adhere and set properly, ensuring for a long-lasting roof repair. Failure to conduct regular maintenance with a Broken Arrow and Tulsa roof repair service before winter arrives can greatly complicate things and be more expensive.


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September 21, 2020
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